Calum P Cameron (the P stands for Pulchritudinous) is a figure of great mystery.

Me in a stetson (2016_10_05 09_57_57 UTC)There are those who say he is an alien criminal mastermind from the far future of a far planet, stranded in this tiny, backwards corner of spacetime while fleeing the authorities after deserting a cataclysmic war across the spacetime continuum.

There are those who say he is naught but a clever life-support system for The Hair, an indestructible, parasitic cosmic horror which lives on his head following the death of its previous host, Stan Laurel.

There are those who say he is the undead Lichking, his present appearance merely an arcane illusion, his skeletal frame and deathly complexion the only hints to his true nature.

It is probably worth noting that, in all of the above cases, “those” actually refers only to Calum P Cameron.

So far as anyone else is concerned, Calum P Cameron is an overloud and overopinionated Scottish author specialising in speculative fiction and petty internet rants, whom someone finally badgered into putting them all together in one place, for your perusal and enjoyment. The Court of Ranternal Affairs is now in session.


You can learn more dubiously-true information at his Goodreads author page, if you’re into that.

If you’d like him to continue doing what he’s doing, there’s now a page where you can help make that happen.